About Me

As I sit down to write this page I realize that I haven't thought this "About Me" concept all the way through. Basically I have some questions that I need to answer before I can actually write about myself. Questions like: Who is this page for? What should I tell about myself? How should I write? (rated PG or just XXX) Who would really read all this stuff?

The answer? Who cares?!?!?

Well I guess I better start with my main obsession. I f you have already looked at the other pages in this site or have even a basic understanding of me you already know what that obsession is. Airplanes. (That was for those of you thick enough not to get my point) I'm going to do a Freudian here and regress a little. Basically I started with airplanes in a very early age. Flew my first R/C model airplane at the age of ten (verrrry scary, glad I didn't hurt anyone). From then on it was all down hill: faster more capable models, more expensive equipment, all the time scaring me and everybody else much more. This has gone well beyond any kind of extreme as today I run a course that teaches students to fly model airplanes. I fly experimental models for the Technion and lately I've joined up with a program that lets children with cancer fly model airplanes.

That's just the model airplane part. You may think it's expensive and you are right except…
On a sunny Friday afternoon sometime is April 2000 I returned home from work (I've since stopped working on Fridays on account of me trying to get a life). Feeling no need to rush home and accidentally passing by Haifa's airport I decided to stop and ask what it takes to acquire a pilot's license. Now' I've always dreamed that one day I'll get that license but there always seemed to be a reason not to. Basically it all boiled down to not having enough money. To make a long story short I'll just say that in Kanfey Paz (the school I entered) sat Israel Nahmani who decided that, since we were both communications officers in the army, he couldn't let me go without getting me to start. Before I knew what had happened I found myself with a lesson in hand and no money for the next couple of years.
43 hours later (that is flight hours - including test - which, in normal people's time was actually half a year later) I found myself with a pilot's license and still no money. Today I'm working on my Instrument rating and have still less money.

What have I learned? Basically that when you push the stick the houses become larger. When you pull the stick the houses become smaller, and if you keep on pulling the stick the houses become larger again. I won't go into what happens when you move that thing to the side…

Oh yeah, I've also learned that if you want something badly enough then there's actually very little to stop you from getting it apart from yourself.

Was that too much? I can never tell. Well there's more about me than just airplanes (not a lot more I admit). I also like to scuba dive (haven't done it for a long time - no money), play tennis (not into it even before diving) and sleep (still doing it and enjoying every minute). Right now my life seems kinda' full cause I don't seem to have too much free time on my hands. Basically I study physics at the Technion, a full time occupation by all accounts. I also work with computers (webmaster - for those who understand a little more about computers). This is, of course, after I decided that having 5 jobs was too much and I quit the other 3 (the second being the course I instruct).

You might also inquire about my personal life. You might ask questions like: Do you have a girlfriend? Where do you live? How much money do you not have in the bank? Do you actually have a life? The answers being, of course, mind your own business!

I'd like to write more about myself (lie) but my time is pressing (bigger lie) and I really have some important stuff to do (stop lying or your nose will grow). Maybe I'll append this page later on (yeah and maybe the snow in hell will be especially thick this summer).

If you're impressed, annoyed, or just generally one of those people who must get in the last word, you can write me and have me ignore you at erazraviv@gmx.net. I promise not to answer any e-mail in any sort of (what is generally considered) normal manner.

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