Mirage project

Not like I'm strapped for something to do right now. But I've decided that flying the MW54 turbine I'm working on would be a lot more fun if there was an airplane attached to it. This is the result:

After shopping around for a usable airplane on the Internet I found out that spending $600 (plus $400 shipping and taxes) on a new kit would be a good deal. For whom, me or the retailers?

I guess I'll have to do better.

I did. And this is the result.
It's a JHH (Jet Hanger Hobbies) Mirage. O.K. I'll admit that right now it's a piece of junk but I'm sure I fix it up. Other than it's general state I really think that this is a cool model and it has a lot of advantages as far as putting a turbine on it is concerned.

The wing is too far gone and way too heavy to be of any real use.
I'm going to have to manufacture a new one or buy one off JHH.

The fuselage is going in for a MAJOR rework: Strip off the paint, fix holes, clean up the insides etc...

Top shot of the fuselage.
Really cool model.
Here I've applied microbaloons to the top hatch. It's separated from the body by a plastic sheet. When the epoxy cures I'll peel off the plastic and do the same for the fuselage.

Hopefully this will give me a better fuselage-to-hatch match.

Now doing the fuselage...

The smear on the side is some microbaloons fixup work where the canard was attached.

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