MW54 project

I have nothing to say for my protection. I've gone totally off the deep end. I've always wanted a jet engine (from the moment I found out that these things exist) but building one?!?!? Yup, send for the people with the white coats...

Seriously, I've always been interested in mechanical things and this promises to be a lot if fun.
The engine is a Wren MW54 turbojet engine. It's based on a stock Garrett compressor and a custome made turbine.

This is what happens when you combine large amounts of heat and cutting oil.

And don't let those people tell you it's not harmful either. After swallowing a lung full I couldn't stand upright for two hours.

Ahh... this is a nice piece.

Too bad that the next pictures didn't come out. You missed shaping the curve with a rounded file.

I thought that this would be really difficult but it only took a couple of minutes and resulted in exquisite results.

Brazing my ill fated fuel ring.

Ill fated because after I burned N holes through the brass I decided to call it quits and place an order with Wren.

Ahhhh! It's on fire!

This, kids, is why you don't braze a piece while holding it with balsa!

Look closely. You can see a hole just beyond the silver brazing wire.
The mandatory candle test.

Mandatory picture that is.

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