MW54 project

I have nothing to say for my protection. I've gone totally off the deep end. I've always wanted a jet engine (from the moment I found out that these things exist) but building one?!?!? Yup, send for the people with the white coats...

Seriously, I've always been interested in mechanical things and this promises to be a lot if fun.
The engine is a Wren MW54 turbojet engine. It's based on a stock Garrett compressor and a custome made turbine.

This, belive it or not, is the rear case. I was thinking exactly what you're thinking. How in the %#)&*% is the rather small rear case going to come out of THAT!

Read on fearless reader. The truth will reveal itself.

First step it to make it round. Yeah, a 10mm piece of mild steel. No prob.

To make a long story short... move onto the next picture.

Oh... that's much better.
We can almost see the ring coming into being.

Overall this is not a difficult piece to manufacture. Working on steel makes it rather less enjoyable.

Nearly done...

Notice the blue piece of metal swarf on the vidia bit. Lot's of heat here! Burned my fingers more times than I can count (pun).

Fitting the outer case to the rear case.
Not satisfied with hacking out a large piece of metal for the rear case here we're doing it again for the front case.

This time, at least, it's aluminum.

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